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Así impulsamos tu negocio.

Promote your Spa online

Do you have a website?
Do you currently make real time reservations online?
Did you know that over 25% of Spa bookings are made online?

Your challenge is to reach the highest online visibility for your Spa. This allows you to attract new customers to your Health and Beauty salon.
We give you not only the opportunity to increase the visibility of your Spa over the Internet, but also the chance to attract new customers and publish the latest news from your business in a simple and fast way.

Get online bookings 24/7

Convert your website or Facebook views into online sales. By installing a simple reservation button on your website or on your Facebook page, you allow your customers to book a treatment at any time of the day, 7 days a week. You won’t lose any booking and your customers will receive an immediate confirmation of their reservation.
Spalopia offers you a real time booking engine which allows your customers to book easily in 4 clicks.

Increase your reservations and sales

Our goal is to sell online the services of your Spa . As soon as your health and beauty centre accepts online reservations, we strive to attract customers in order to increase your profits. We always look for ways to distinguish your Spa from the rest, and a consultant will devote himself to help you increase your income. The most important thing is that you have total control of your reservations and choose when you need our help to sell from your website. .
Spalopia truly helps you increase the total l volume of your reservations, you control them as well as your availability in real time and try to fill the gaps that remain on the agenda of your professional employees with special offers.

Organized and centralized reservations

Your booking calendar is an essential tool in the organization of your wellness salon. Spalopia has automatically integrated all your online bookings and at the same time you can complete it with walk-in or telephonic reservations. Several employees can access your booking calendar simultaneously and from any device. With this feature, Spalopia wants to help you focus on what really matters, which is nothing else but to pamper your customer.

Improve your organization and optimize your resources

Spalopia allows you to manage in a better way your services, rooms and employees’ schedule. Use your personal booking calendar. Thanks to Spalopia, you optimize your human resources and improve the occupancy of your rooms. Control your Spa from anywhere: at a simple glance you can check which customers are delayed, how many bookings are pending to show up, or even which professional employees are available.

Consider what you customers think

Do you want to know what your customers think about your Spa? It is important to consider this information to enhance your customer's experience. Spalopia allows you to send per E-mail a quality survey in order to obtain the insights of your customers and analyze that information. You can use this data not only to motivate your team but also to improve your weaker points.

Connect with your customers

Do not hesitate to communicate with your customers. With Spalopia you can send E-Mails informing your most loyal customers about the latest news or events happening at your Spa. In a simple way, whether you want to communicate with your customers in timely moment or periodically through newsletters, Spalopia makes it easy for you to manage your emailing campaigns.

Know your customers

Understanding and managing your customers' expectations is essential for their loyalty and for offering a personalized service. Spalopia allows you to create a complete database of your customers. Their historical reservations, favourite treatments, tastes and preferences will be recorded for a later use. This way, any member of your team knows perfectly your customers and you can adjust the service to your customer accordingly.

Get detailed statistics

Spalopia suggests you a series of reports and statistical data that will facilitate the management of your Spa. Also, you can see the evolution of the number of reservations and services, detect peaks in your salon’s activity and check the volume of reservations from different channels. All of this gives you valuable information to optimize the sales and resources of your business.
From your extranet you can review detailed reports to analyze your sales and access your booking calendar's availability.